Release Notes

A WoodWing lançou a atualização do Studio, a nova versão contêm informações sobre os novos recursos, alterações, problemas corrigidos, problemas conhecidos e instruções de atualização para cada versão do Studio.

As versões são listadas por número de versão em ordem decrescente. Use o bloco de navegação à direita da página para navegar rapidamente para uma versão.

Studio 11.73

Release date: 2 September 2020 | Studio 11.73 build 286

Studio 11.73 Server plug-in build 192 | Desktop application 3.0.9 build 89

New features



The download files for Studio can be found in the Release announcement.

New features

No features have been added in this release of Studio.


The following changes have been made in this release of Studio:

  • Double-clicking a checked-out file now opens that file. In previous versions, when a user checked-out a file for editing in an external application, closed that file and double-clicked it again in Studio, nothing happened. When such a checked-out file is now double-clicked, the file is opened.

Note: This requires the Desktop application 3.0.9 or higher.

  • Digital editor: list of preview devices updated. When editing a Digital article, the article can be previewed in the dimensions of the devices on which it is going to be published. The list of available devices has been updated.

The following devices have been added:

Device Dimensions
iPhone 11/XR (Default) 414 x 896
iPhone XS 375 x 812
Galaxy S10+ 412 x 869
Galaxy S8, 9 360 x 740
iPad mini & Google Nexus 768 x 1024
iPad 3rd & 4th generation 1024 x 1366
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 800 x 1280
Desktop 1920 x 1080

The following devices have been removed:

  • iPhone SE/5/5s
  • Google Nexus 6
  • Dossier templates: layouts now also get an Issue assigned. When instantiating a Dossier from a template, layouts now also get an Issue assigned. In previous versions, layouts in a Dossier did not get an Issue assigned when the Dossier was instantiated. As a result, such layouts were hard to find in the system and also did not appear in the Publication Overview. Now, such layouts get the first Issue of the Dossier assigned.
  • Publication Overview: searching for an Issue. This can now be done by typing the name in the list. The list is